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Back to Basics

In order to understand blockchain technology, you need to know what problem it tries to solve. Blockchains are a specific solution to a specific problem and that problem is the transfer of digital value.

To understand the problem in the first place, we need to go back to basics and learn what value and money actually is and how it came to be. What actually is a contract? How does money work?

This course will give you an elementary grounding in the basics of these topics and will allow you to understand the unique solution that blockchains provide.

Forget what you know

Especially when learning about things that are very familiar an open mind is needed.

In this course, you will learn to think independently about what a contract actually is, what it is based on, and why people enter into them. You will learn some of the historical forms they have taken.

Of course, money itself is also covered. We will cover its history and we will touch on the challenges involved, from the perspective of how it relates to blockchains. We will also cover various different models that we now see emerge in blockchains.

History of Money and Value

About Blockchain Workspace

If blockchain applications are going to be useful, it is needed for implementors and other professionals to meet and learn from each other.

Blockchain Workspace meets this challenge on multiple levels: we offer basic courses in many subjects that touch on blockchain, we organise meetups, train our trainers with a clear vision and mision and we have physical hubs, like in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

By creating a network of professionals with a solid working knowledge of blockchain technology, both on and offline, we want to offer the basis for useful applications to customers. We believe that the time has come for blockchain development to lay a new technological foundation and at the same time penetrate the social dimension.

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