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17:00hrs : NO Walking buffet dinner (coupon needed!) – NO DINNER, NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE INTERESTED THIS TIME

Together with the Coffee Virus we have put together a buffet that visitors of the Meetup can enjoy together from 17:00 hrs. 

A coupon costs 15 Euros and will pay for your food, water, coffee and thee to go with it. 

Location: NOT AT Coffee Virus; at the entrance of A-lab NO DINNER, NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE INTERESTED THIS TIME

Send an e-mail to hvancann@blockchainworkspace.com with the number of coupons you would like to buy. Please mentions if you would like to have vegetarian food.

Only if we manage to have enough subscriptions for the coupons (15 at least) we will be able to ask Coffee Virus to prepare the meal.

18:00hrs : Meetup in K-space

Henk van Cann will wrap up the four Fraude Film Festival workshops that will be / were held on Oct 4 and 5. It is a good introduction for the next speakers that will focus on legal aspects of blockchain implementations; like ICO’s.

After Henk, we will have a variety of choice of topics in the legal field:

• ICO’s

• Rules and regulation

• Anonymity a right? Or a means to fulfil a right. Valeria Ferrari will do a short workshop to make the participants ‘feel’ the dividing line between privacy and societal security.

• How could taxation and current enforcement work for crypto currency. What are the real problems we face?

Bas Wisselink is going to elaborate on what is needed for ICO’s to be let alone by regulating authorities for the time being.

Specific regulation is not in place yet but the way Initial Public Offering (IPO) work could guide us through the process of self-regulation? Or is it not applicable?

20:00hrs : Drink & closing in K-space