The Blockchain Lab for Public Good in Amsterdam

About the Blockchain Lab for Public Good

The Blockchain Lab for Public Good is a collaborative space for blockchain technology in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Lab has been set up to:

  1. Structurally test and co-create ideas provided by outside parties with a specific and concrete problem.
  2. Develop and test training methods for blockchain tech on a daily basis
  3. Work on independent blockchain Proofs of Concept.

We aim to bring a group of creative and hands-on people together who want to create practical and useful blockchain applications and are open to learn and share together.

The Lab is Blockchain agnostic, so we are open to all kinds of projects and ventures, as long as they subscribe to the basic principle that the true innovation of the blockchain is found in its public form.

Membership Levels & Prices

We offer two basic packages of membership in the Lab, at competitive prices:


For € 125 per month, the Associate membership entitles you to:

  • a flex place in our Lab
  • a listing on the Lab’s web page


For € 205 per month, the Full membership entitles you to:

  • a fixed space in the Lab
  • your own key and 24/7 access to the building
  • use of facilities (printer, internet, pantry)
  • first right of refusal for prospects offered to the Lab
  • sharing in prospects offered to the Lab and its members
  • listing as Full Member on the Lab’s web page
  • possibility of using A Lab as your business address

Are you interested?

The Blockchain Lab is open to a variety of people.

Whether you are a writer, a coder, a trainer or an entrepreneur: if you are passionate about blockchain tech and the change it could bring, we would very much like to meet you.

The Lab is looking for people who want to build, are self-reliant and can bring something new to the mix and it might just be you.

Don’t be shy, if you feel you want to explore this new movement or want to team up with people, we want to hear from you! If you are unsure yet, you can always start out as an Associate Member and decide to upgrade later.

For more information, do the test or fill out the form on this page.

Is the Lab for you? Do the test and find out.

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Tel: +31 85 2100 215
Email: info@blockchainworkspace.com
Twitter: @bcworkspace

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Vision and Mission

The Blockchain Lab’s mission is to push the development of simple and useful applications of blockchain technology now and to research and develop its foundational potential.

Blockchain Technology is not merely disruptive innovation, it also is a foundational innovation, with the potential of unlocking completely new business models which do not exist yet.

The Lab wants to bring together individuals and companies who want to explore the entire space that blockchain technology could occupy. At the same time, Blockchain Workspace is committed to a hands-on and practical approach that aims to move to Proofs-of- Concept quickly and learn from user interaction, something we feel is severely under developed in the current blockchain industry.