Blockchainworkspace is a network, founded in summer of 2016 by Bas Wisselink and Henk van Cann.

The network focuses on an elegant and effective combination of blockchain tech and e-identity by means of its training programs and project method. The training and methods can be adopted by local operators to service customers.

Connected with Blochchainworkspace are, for example, the graduates of the Train the Trainer course:

  1. Zeb Lelie
  2. Erwin Overstegen
  3. Henk van Cann
  4. Bas Wisselink

We are part of the permissionless society

And we are co-founder and co-organiser of the #BlockDAM co-working day, every Tuesday at Meet Berlage.

We are friends of these co-working spots in vincinity:
Mondays Utrecht Blockchain030
Tuesdays Amsterdam #blockDAM
Wednesdays Leiden #blockDAM
Thursdays Haarlem <not yet installed>
Fridays The Hague #blockBAR

Henk van Cann

Henk van Cann has studied blockchains extensively over the last years. He is a passionate speaker about the “Why?”, the “How?” but especially the “Why?” of the serendipitous invention Blockchain. Blockchain is a big promise and could change and improve numerous aspects of our lives.

Henk has a knack for explaining how blockchains work in an easy and clear manner.. His long experience in open source projects like Joomla gives him a unique insight into how blockchain technology evolved, where it is going and how it can find a place in the real world.

Bas Wisselink

Bas Wisselink

Bas brings creativity as well as common sense to blockchain. He has worked in the industry for over three years as a speaker, teacher and advocate. He works on a platform for the broad application of blockchain technology in many areas, including, fintech, identity management and easy sharing of information.

Bas has worked closely with several blockchain developers and entrepeneurs and continues to be at the heart of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains, having helped incorporate Jelurida B.V., the commercial leg of the software.