Blockchain Workspace Three Week Trainer Program

Three Weeks of Blockchain

Blockchain Workspace invites you to take part in the Train the Trainer 3-weeks Course that will take place in week 11, 12, and 13 (12 – 30 March), 2018.

Blockchain Workspace believes that there are plenty of people who can “explain” blockchain. Very few people can, however, give a presentation that empowers people, calls them to action and inspires them to make a difference.

In the emerging field of blockchain, it is crucial to develop distinguishing and analysing skills. It is the mission of Blockchain Workspace to create a large group of trainers who can do just that: not only explain the “How”, but also connect it with the “Whats” and “Whys”.

What will I learn?

As a future trainer in blockchain, you will:

  • gain profound knowledge of the building blocks of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and be able to break down various applications to its fundamental structures
  • have acquired knowledge about multiple business applications, and legal aspects of blockchain technology
  • be an experienced and emphatic presenter, while having skills in preparing and in developing workshops
  • have learned to posit yourself as an instructor and be prepared to take on various roles, such as consultant, project leader or in-house expert
This course has as an entry level Certified Bitcoin Professional of the C4 consortium exam, which is internationally available.


The price stack for this course is:
€ 3900 training
€ 2400 deepening of knowledge through visits, meet-ups and social events
€ 2400 housing

all prices are ex. VAT

Travel to and from courses and external workshops by public transport means is included as well as specific course material.


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