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We offer a broad pallette of courses. All our courses aim to both educate and activate participants. We can translate the complex technical concepts underpinning blockchain technology to familiar concepts.

We can also create bespoke courses for specific events and target groups.

Blockchain Workspace is a pragmatic company that offers blockchain training programs.

Blockchain Technology (or Trustware) is getting a lot of attention from all around the globe as a revolutionary new application that can streamline processes, increase efficiency and mitigates trust problems.

At the same time, almost no one seems to have a real grasp of what it is and how it works. The fact that it’s based on cryptographic principles and peer to peer networking can make it seem impossible to really understand.

Blockchain Workspace has the mission to make blockchain understandable to you and enable you to start building for it. We believe in the network effect, so we are also offering an in-depth Train the Trainer program so we can create a network of trainers all around the globe.

Conceived by Henk van Cann and Bas Wisselink as a blend of many disciplines not found in the blockchain industry today, Blockchain Workspace offers programs in forms you will find nowhere else.

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A selection of our courses:

Our Core Values

Practical Approach

We want blockchains to be used and valuable. We believe blockchains will be invaluable tools that will change work processes and change the way we interact. We want as many people to fundamentally understand blockchain technology as possible. In our courses, we cover the basics of blockchain technology, explain its history and why it came to be, and give insight into how it can benefit you and your business. Our courses are hands-on, so you will get a direct experience on what blockchain is and how it will impact you.
Clear Language
Blockchain technology is new and a lot of available material is written by specialists for specialists. As a result, it is very hard to get an easy grasp on the material. We avoid jargon as much as possible and explain key concepts in an easy to understand way. Our courses will take you through the history of blockchain and will give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals. There is ample time for Q&A during our courses, to ensure you have a firm grasp of the concepts that we teach.
Proven Concept
We are experienced teachers and coaches with a history of teaching elusive topics in a concrete way. Our experiences have taught us how to explain difficult concepts in such a way that you can understand the vital elements. We enjoy seeing people grasp fundamental over-arching themes instead of concentrating on granular knowledge. We believe that in order to work with blockchain technology, it is vital for professionals to understand the underlying fundamentals and ideas. Once these are understood, you will have a solid basis on which to further your studies.

Who are we?

Henk van Cann

Henk van Cann has studied blockchains extensively over the last years. He is a passionate speaker about the “Why?”, the “How?” but especially the “Why?” of the serendipitous invention Blockchain. Blockchain is a big promise and could change and improve numerous aspects of our lives.

Henk has a knack for explaining how blockchains work in an easy and clear manner.. His long experience in open source projects like Joomla gives him a unique insight into how blockchain technology evolved, where it is going and how it can find a place in the real world.

Bas Wisselink

Bas Wisselink

Bas brings creativity as well as common sense to blockchain. He has worked in the industry for over three years as a speaker, teacher and advocate. He works on a platform for the broad application of blockchain technology in many areas, including, fintech, identity management and easy sharing of information.

Bas has worked closely with several blockchain developers and entrepeneurs and continues to be at the heart of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains, having helped incorporate Jelurida B.V., the commercial leg of the software.

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Send us an email for more informations or to request information on our activities.

We’re offering new courses on a regular basis.

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