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Become an Inspirator!

There are plenty of people who can “explain” blockchain.

Very few people can, however, give a presentation that empowers people, calls them to action and inspires them to make a difference.

It is the mission of Blockchain Workspace to create a large group of trainers who can do just that: not only explain the “How”, but also connect it with the “Whats” and “Whys”.

Both Henk and Bas have a great wish to share their passion for teaching and activating with you, and to create a massive network of activist teachers who can go out into the world and be influencers.

Engage people on all levels

The Blockchain Workspace Train the Trainer program builds on top of a basic wide knowledge of how blockchain tech works.

Working from that basis, we encourage you to dive deeper and expand your knowledge and vision of blockchain technology. We also will force you to develop a critical view of developments, so you will be able to comment on current developments from a firm basis of knowledge.

A unique and necessary part of our training are presentation skills and strategies. We will familiarize you with methods of presentation that are easy to learn but will take time to master, as well as teach you ways of storytelling and developing appropriate and compelling metaphors.

For doers of deeds

Our Train the Trainer program aims to tease out your own strengths in presenting, so you will be able to develop an authentic and recognizable style of your own.

Our program includes training in theatre techniques, deep reading, presenting techniques and discussion. We teach using an immersive method, where you are gradually exposed to an increased intensity of training, and a quickly deepening of the content.

You will go in front of a real audience quickly in the training as presentation can only be truly learnt by doing it.

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