Effective communication test

It's so hard!

Blockchain is difficult and complex.
Blockchain is nerdish and in its infancy.
Blockchain is for the few.

These are common attitudes that are probably all too familiar.

So, effective communication is a BIG issue if you want to be effective in bringing this new technology the people’s attention.

You will meet them all: Entrepreneurs, Nerds, Activists, Nono’s, Interest groups, Fanboys, Mighty Mastodons, Blockchain Cowboys and Greedy Ponzi salesmen.

Good luck in making sense of all the information they all throw at you.

Blockchain Workspace believes blockchains can be understood by most people who put some effort into it. We have created courses that guide you through the material and are geared to give you the information you need to ask critical questions and to judge what is worthy of more attention and what is purely hype.


The Blockchain Explained

Blockchain Workspace uses both online and offline courses to teach professionals the real basics about blockchain technology.

Yes, you will have to learn some of the technology behind it all, because without it, you will have no clue what you are buying and building.

Without this grounding knowledge, you will be at the mercy of anyone who comes to you with a plan, and you will have no tools to determine between Winner and Woo.

Don’t worry, it’s actually not all that hard. The basic ideas might be counter-intuitive, but once you graps them, you will quickly recognise the true revolutionary power of blockchains, without the hype surrounding it.

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Blockchain Workspace believes at this point it has become crucial to bridge the gap between the current blockchain experts, mostly developers, and business professionals.

If Blockchain technology is to be succesful, both will need common ground and understanding. Blockchain Workspace trains trainers to do just that.

If you are an entrepeneur who is interested to work with blockchain, you will need to understand the technology and what it can and cannot do. If you are a developer who wants to bring your project to life, you will need to understand basic market principles.

Blockchain Workspace wants to fill both needs. Below, you will find a short quiz to test your attitude.

Go ahead and try!