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Blockchain technology is a tremendously interesting and fast developing industry. It is fast paced, provides many opportunities and will change the way we interact.

Because the technology is new, many companies are at a loss to get to grips with it. The information that is on offer is extremely technical and it is difficult to get a grip on the possibilities and impossibilities it offers.

How to avoid wasting money or, even worse, being ridiculed for starting up projects that are doomed to fail? Knowledge!

Blockchain Workspace is a company with the vision that blockchain education is necessary for the industry to flourish.

Blockchain Workspace is aimed at educating people with a less technical background who want a basic grip on what blockchain technology can and will mean for them.

Bas Wisselink and Henk van Cann have a track record on a no-nonsense approach to development. With Blockchain Workspace, they are adding grounded and continuous education to the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Workspace offers a range of courses for your company and employees. We also are partners in the Blockchain Lab for Public Good, which acts as a collaborative workspace for budding blockchain entrepreneurs.

Henk van Cann

Henk van Cann has studied blockchains extensively over the last years. He is a passionate speaker about the “Why?” the “How?” but especially the “Why?” of the serendipitous invention Blockchain. Blockchain is a big promise and could change and improve numerous aspects of our lives.
Henk has a knack for explaining how blockchains work in an easy and clear manner. His long experience in open source projects like Joomla gives him a unique insight into how blockchain technology evolved, where it is going and how it can find a place in the real world.
You can find more from Henk on his blog.


Bas Wisselink

Bas brings creativity as well as common sense to blockchain. He has worked in the industry for over three years as a speaker, teacher and advocate. He works on a platform for the broad application of blockchain technology in many areas, including, fintech, identity management and easy sharing of information.
Bas has worked closely with several blockchain developers and entrepreneurs and continues to be at the heart of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains, having helped incorporate Jelurida B.V., the commercial entity for the software.
You can find his writings on his personal website.


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