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Blockchain without hype

It’s 2017 and blockchain is HOT.

So hot, that it might be a good idea to look past the hype in order not to get seriously burned. Blockchain technology is not all that hard to understand, but it is also very easy to project your ideas and preconceptions on it if you do not properly understand it’s theoretical underpinnings.

Blockchain Workspace is committed to providing understandable courses for people interested in blockchain technology. With Blockchain Fundamentals you will get a thorough grounding in key topics like immutability, peer to peer architecture and basic cryptography in a way that is accessible.

Be a True Pioneer!

Blockchain software only has been in existence since 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. While the underlying technologies like P2P networks and cryptography have been around for a while now, it’s his innovative combination of them that has created something completely new and unique.

Everyone who is seriously entering this new industry is at this time a pioneer. We want to invite you to learn the basics, because without proper basics, mistakes can easily been made and time, money and reputations can be lost easily.

Topics that will be touched on in this course are P2P networks, basic cryptography, history of value and blockchain architecture (using Bitcoin as a reference).

The course can be taken as a short course or as a full day.


About Blockchain Workspace

If blockchain applications are going to be useful, it is needed for implementors and other professionals to meet and learn from each other.

Blockchain Workspace meets this challenge on multiple levels: we offer basic courses in many subjects that touch on blockchain, we organise meetups, train our trainers with a clear vision and mision and we have physical hubs, like in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

By creating a network of professionals with a solid working knowledge of blockchain technology, both on and offline, we want to offer the basis for useful applications to customers. We believe that the time has come for blockchain development to lay a new technological foundation and at the same time penetrate the social dimension.

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